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BetFiery Provides Affordable Precast Concrete Products For Faster & Highest Quality Foundations

It pays to have one go-to source for all of your structural precast concrete needs when it comes to finding the best selection. BetFiery is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to developing the best precast concrete products around. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of precast/prestressed concrete in Bangladesh. Providing engineers, builders, and construction companies with the quality and selection they need to complete projects on time and according to specifications is the key to our success.

Our customer service team provides the best customer experience in the industry from the moment you give us a call to the moment we deliver your order. As part of our full customization of concrete pipe and precast, we will ensure that you're well-supported all the way through your final installation. We take great pride in helping our customers succeed, which is why we are your concrete products supplier.

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We have been producing precast concrete products of the highest quality for over twenty years, serving the industry in a variety of capacities. The products we manufacture are designed specifically to meet your requirements, and when they arrive at your location, they are ready to be installed, saving you both time and money during installation. We have a wide range of precast concrete products to choose from, so let’s take a look at them.


Hollow Blocks

Hollow Blocks

precast concrete fence

Precast concrete fence posts
precast concrete panels

precast concrete panels

precast concrete panels
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I Block

Render 3D set I block on white background

precast concrete insulation

precast concrete insulation

precast concrete slabs

precast concrete slabs
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precast concrete wall panels


precast concrete spiral staircase

Precast concrete spiral staircase


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Benefits of Using Our Precast Concrete Products

BetFiery produces different elements with precast concrete that saves the site from several defects, propping, and cost of Scaffolding. Plus, these elements lower the cost of workers, tools, and material storage in project sites.

  • Our precast concrete materials are available in many shapes and colors.
  • They have an easy maintenance cost.
  • You will find precast concrete products cost-friendly, and they have Weather-resistance.
  • The installation process is really simple for each element made with precast concrete.
  • They can be replaced easily from one place to another.
  • Speed up the process of the whole construction.
  • Reduce working time on site.

We are the Best Precast Concrete Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh

Many construction companies are working to make precast concrete elements for various construction in Bangladesh. BetFiery is one of them which fabricates and supplies these products to any project location. They can create any quantity of blocks, fences, concrete walls, slabs, staircases, and more structures. BetFiery has private customers as well as governmental clients who need our services regularly. Any size, color, length, thickness, and other specifications on concrete products can be considered for our clients.

Our Offer On Precast Concrete

BetFiery serves best-designed and well-structured concrete items for different industries, projects, or personal uses. All the materials are formulated by following world-class standards. We have SALE services for these elements by giving clients cash and credit offers. Here, you will get a one-stop solution for different product requirements in BetFiery. In addition, our company always ensures best-quality and quick delivery within the time. 

Why Choose BetFiery?

BetFiery loves to take challenges and accomplish them from the core by making design, product, and serving clients. Besides, maintaining an affordable price and giving professional support is our goal. For example, we have many ready elements of precast concrete. Also, we can build them in budget price knowing customer’s necessities regarding them. You will get the transportation service from us no matter where your project location is! Also, our products have a simple installation process which will give you no pain installing them. Furthermore, if you need any support from us about installing concrete structures, we can provide our skillful crew of engineers to solve your problem.

Common FAQ's About Precast Product

Yes. Precast concrete ensures fire protection, and it doesn't need additional measures because it is fireproof. It prevents fires from extending and reduces the risk for building residents.

- As an advantage, precast concrete piles gives construction site safety, quality assurance, and it is durable. Plus, it is fire and flood-resistant. On the other hand, if people cannot handle the piles properly, then damage to precast units can occur during transportation. Plus, it requires special tools or equipment for moving and lifting to precast units.

The thickness of the precast concrete slab is 30 mm.

Precast concrete is a construction component built with casting concrete in a reusable mold that can be shaped in a controlled environment.