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A shipping container is a container made with heavy and durable steel for shipment, storage, and handling. It is mainly used for moving various kinds of products anywhere in the world by waterway or airway. Top Shipping Container Supplier in Bangladesh are making a vast business opportunity in corporate sector. Shipping containers are handled mainly at ports, aircraft land, and take-off at airports, production continues at oil refineries and different massive industrial sites, all of which might be not possible without outdoor lighting.

As we can see the trend, steel containers nipping up worldwide are being used for shipping and storage. The idea of making structures from shipping containers first came from England in the 18th century. It is the most popular construction material for making many temporary and portable structures. People can make many attractive structures in a cost-effective way from a shipping container. For being user-friendly, the use of shipping containers is getting popular day by day. It comes in many sizes, like 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft.

Common Types of Shipping Containers

Why We Can Use Shipping Container

It’s unbelievable to think that something as diffusive and integrates into the world economy as shipping containers didn’t even exist just a few decades ago. But now people using it for various purposes about which people cannot think of before. Shipping container plays a significant role in the industry and construction sector. Export or import of a product doesn’t even think without a it. In the industry sector, we can use a shipping container for various reasons, such as-

Nowadays, using of shipping containers in construction site is increasing rapidly. People think about new things for their use. People are making many infrastructures from it as shipping container has too many benefits. A shipping container never disappoints a client for the making purpose of them.

Utilization of Shipping Container

At present shipping containers are getting popular because of their numerous benefits. About a decade ago, for saving money, people started using it and live a low-maintenance lifestyle.

It is extremely durable. This is the quality, why they’re ready to withstand handling and shipment. Shipping containers have become one of the most important recyclable storage and transport units in the world.

From the last few years, the uses of containers are increasing hugely. Countries all over the world including Bangladesh are using these versatile rectangular boxes for homes, schools, restaurants, offices, toilets, bathrooms, grocery shops, movie theater, art gallery, food truck, play station/indoor garden, hotels, workshops, emergency hospital, studios, disaster shelters, swimming pools, hostel, laboratories, car-parks, gymnasiums, etc.

In Bangladesh, containers are popular for making houses, offices, restaurants, and toilets, and bathrooms. Now have look at them:

Container House

For the benefits of containers now a day it is converted to house. Shipping container houses are very popular worldwide including in Bangladesh. These houses are super sleek and relatively cost-effective than a permanent house. The term “shipping container house” can be used to describe any type of home that was built using containers. These containers can be used individually to create a little house, or they can be added one by one to build much larger spaces. Both single-family houses and extended family houses can be constructed using these containers.


Shipping container houses in Bangladesh usually come in two sizes, 20 feet shipping container house and 40 feet shipping container house. 40ft container is best for building a house. Container houses may be one, or multi-storied. For making it, modern electric and drainage systems are using. In a container house, there must be a toilet, and a kitchen, and sometimes it contains a veranda. The portability and cost-effectiveness of container houses make them popular among the people.


Container Office

Shipping container offices are getting very popular nowadays in the construction sector. While working on any construction site that is not possible to construct a permanent container office building. For solving these problems engineers now suggest building offices from shipping containers. Mainly a shipping container office building is 10ft, 20ft, and 40 ft. in size. 40ft shipping container office is the standard size. A container office may be a single cabin or double cabin, with or without a toilet, with or without a kitchen. 

The decoration of the office depends on the customer’s choice or a customer can also buy a fully furnished and decorated shipping container office. For a construction site, a shipping container office building is using widely for decreasing the waste of time for the employee. Shipping container office for sale in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. The benefits of container offices are many. Using a container as office space is more cost-effective than a permanent one. A container doesn’t contain any harmful elements which are dangerous for the environment. So, it is absolutely eco-friendly.

Container Toilet

Today shipping containers are used to build many commercial structures, like bathrooms and restaurants. They are built with high-quality steel, weather-protective, extremely durable steel, for making a perfect bathroom and toilets building for outdoor needs. They are modified off-site by a supplier and equipped with bathroom necessities like plumbing and running water, climate control, ventilation, and a variety of other systems of customer’s choosing. They can be built the same as any indoor bathroom, which delivers great hygiene and comfort than alternatives such as port-a-potties. Shipping container bathrooms and toilets are:


Shipping container toilets and bathrooms are mainly made with high-quality steel. It comes in many sizes like 10ft, 16ft, 20ft, etc. 20ft shipping container is best for building a perfect bathroom. Used and new both types of shipping containers are using to build a bathroom. It may be a single and double cabin. Nowadays a shipping container bathroom and toilet is containing all modern facilities like a permanent bathroom. Its doors are made from steel or plastic with higher security. Hand washbasins are available with a boiler. The walls are made with white steel cladding walls and ceiling. Electric heaters and electric vents are available on it. Steel sandwich panels are using for the roof. Shipping container toilets bathrooms are made with modern drainage systems and high-quality bathroom equipment with a water tank on the rooftop.

Container Restaurants

Food restaurants and cafes have become more developed and well-decorated with shipping containers. Nowadays it was used for making food restaurants. With all the kitchen equipment and food items to serve to culinary requirements of its customers, the shipping container is a complete restaurant. 

Shipping container restaurants are famous for their decoration which is very attractive, portability, durability, eco-friendly, user-friendly, and of course for its cost-effectiveness. There are many types of shipping container restaurants, such as single-unit combined and stacked, full kitchens, warm service, beverage service, concessions, etc. Most container restaurants come in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot lengths. Among which 20ft shipping container restaurant and 40ft shipping container restaurant are the standard size.

Container Warehouse

Including all country, mainly Bangladesh is facing a space shortage for many years. It is too tough to manage a proper space for storage purposes. So, the only solution is depending on the shipping container warehouse.

For the benefits of shipping containers now a day it is converted into warehouse. Shipping container warehouses are very popular worldwide including in Bangladesh for storage purpose. This warehouse is super sleek and relatively cost-effective than a permanent storage. Shipping containers can be used individually to create warehouse, or they can be welded together or stacked to build much larger spaces. Shipping container warehouses come in a variety of different sizes. This means customer can rent or buy the right sized container for whatever project they need. Shipping container warehouse can help with additional capacity at short notice, with no investment. With the latest security and fire prevention systems that meet international standards, and trained operators, user can be confident that their cargo is in safe hands.

Top Shipping Container Supplier in Bangladesh

The popularity of using shipping containers in the construction sector is increasing day by day. That’s why the number of shipping container supplier is also doing their best for staying in this sector. If we see the top shipping container supplier in Bangladesh, we will find the name BetFiery. BetFiery is a leading company in supplying shipping containers in Bangladesh. A customer can find all the types of a shipping container in BetFiery. We are supplying shipping containers all over the country.

Our Shipping Container Products

BetFiery is selling various types of shipping containers product. Such as-

BetFiery is supplying fresh and new shipping containers. New shipping container comes in three sizes- 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. Customers can make anything with a new shipping container. A new shipping container is risk-free, 100% strong, and long-lasting.

Mainly in Bangladesh, the most demandable shipping container is used shipping container. Used shipping containers are easy to find. Used container in Bangladesh come in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. We supply all sizes of shipping containers to our clients. Our used shipping Container is made by using advanced technology machines and the best quality material under highly experienced professionals. We are offering it at low market rates. BetFiery is now dealing with local customers. We are trusted used shipping container supplier in Bangladesh to the customers. Being used, our containers are also fresh and make all the changes as per client requirements. Customers can make anything with our used empty container.

Mainly, a shipping container is in empty situating in primary condition. BetFiery is selling all sizes of empty shipping container in Bangladesh. Our empty containers are ready to decorate as customer wants.
Furnished or Decorated Shipping Container: BetFiery always ready to fulfill its customer’s demand. We also supply fully decorated shipping container in Bangladesh. Our furnished shipping containers are available as an office, a restaurant, a bathroom and toilets, etc.

How We Deal With Our Clients

Are you looking for buying shipping containers? You’ve come to the right place! The shipping container industry is growing steadily year over year, as demand for storage space continues to grow for both commercial and residential customers. Luckily, there are tons of ways to buy shipping containers, both online and in-person. Check out BetFiery’s complete guide for buying shipping containers. Let’s see how we deal with our clients-

Before buying any shipping container first thing we suggest a customer for confirming the size they want. As shipping container comes in various sizes.

Know the stock availability and contact us instantly for the container.

If the container is in our stock, we inform the customer and arrange an offline or online meeting with them.

If customer finalizes to buy shipping container from us, we send them the price of the shipping container.

We sell empty containers as well as furnished containers and customize the container as clients need that.

When everything will be finalized, we have a very fast delivery system. But if customer wants to get the container by their own delivery system, we also appreciate that.

We occasionally following up the container even after the final delivery. If there is any problem, we fix it.

Why You Buy Shipping Containers from BetFiery?

BetFiery is a renowned name as a shipping container supplier in Bangladesh. Using of shipping container in construction site is increasing day by day in Dhaka including allover in Bangladesh. We delivered any types of shipping container in Dhaka also in whole Bangladesh. For selling high-quality shipping container in Bangladesh, BetFiery is a leading company in this native industry.

We have ready-to-stock containers for supplying anywhere in the country. All the sizes and types of shipping containers are available in BetFiery. We always try our best to fulfill our customer’s requirements as they want. The number of shipping container for sale in Bangladesh is increasing from us day by day. Our shipping containers are fresh, high-quality, cost-effective, made with strong and durable steel, sustainable. We decorate our shipping containers with all modern systems and equipment’s as customers demand.

If anyone looking for the best quality shipping container in Bangladesh, please contact BetFiery. Our highly experienced engineering and employee team is always waiting for you to give their best services. Our past experienced said that customers are 100% satisfied with our work. We are a trustworthy shipping container supplier in Bangladesh and we always try our best to hold the position to our customers. So, why do you think twice about choosing a great company like BetFiery?

New & Used Shipping Container Supplier in Bangladesh

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